Why Online IT Class is the Best SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli in 2020?

We are the Best SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli. We provide corporate and individual SAP training with the following features.

  • We are providing SAP FICO certified finance course
  • We provide classroom and online sessions
  • We are having experienced and certified consultant from the reputed organizations
  • All our trainers have more than 10 years real-time experience
  • All our trainers have more than 5 years teaching experience
  • Our course content is created by industry experts
  • Our dedicated placement cell arranges interviews after the completion of the course

Online IT Class – The Best SAP FICO Training Institute in Marathahalli​

Online IT Class is the Best SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli Bangalore. We provide extensive training to corporate and individuals. We help you to achieve your goal with a team of experienced SAP trainers, excellent infrastructure, and a clear roadmap to SAP certification.

We are associated with experienced real-time trainers and sap certified consultants. Each of them is having more than eight-plus years of experience. Online training will be interactive for better learning, which is based on the principles to help for your better future.

You will learn only what you need to learn, we have designed each training course bearing in mind of industry standards. Our staff is always happy to coordinate with you to arrange the best training at your convenient timings.

We give scenario-based training and believe in online training. Therefore, we provide 24/7 remote server access and support. We also provide a soft copy of the study material. The training materials are provided by the consultant during the training.

We have been rated as the Best SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli due to our strong commitment to quality training.

SAP Fico Training Marathahalli
SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli

What is the Fee for SAP Fico Training in Marathahalli?

There are a lot of training institutes in Marathahalli which offer SAP Fico training. But only few of them are managed by experienced and professional SAP Consultants. In majority of these training centres, classes are taken by people who doesn’t have any real-time experience in SAP Fico Training. They try to enrol students by showing them fake experience and credentials. They offer courses at a through away price and lure innocent students to their trap. Without knowing the truth students would join with them for SAP Fico Training and pay fee. Only after completing the course and start attending job interview, they would realize the gravity of the colossal cheating that they received from the institutes.

If you want to learn SAP Fico Training from experienced and professional real-time trainers, please don’t worry about the fees you have to pay. Hundreds of students who wanted to pay less fees for SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli, has ended up learning from fraud trainers. They are still out there searching for jobs.

At Online IT Class, we have professional, experienced and real-time SAP professional with 8 to 10 years’ experience as our trainers. They are capable of giving you the best SAP Fico Training and help you to land in your dream job as early as possible. Obviously, they are not cheap because they are highly qualified and they add immense value to your training and future career.

Please call our students counsellor or submit your information here to know the fee details of SAP Fico Training in Marathahalli. What we can guarantee is the Best SAP Fico Training in Marathahalli Bangalore. Join with us and we will help you to start your dream career in SAP Fico Training.

How Many Days Will it Take to Learn SAP Fico Training?

At Online IT Class, we have different types of SAP Fico Training Schedules. Depending upon the convenience of the students they can choose the batch. Please see the training schedule below. Please feel free to contact us if you need any clarification

Batch Schedule Duration No. of Hours/Class
Week Days 60 Hours 1.5 Hours
Weekend 60 Hours 5 Hours

Other than this we have got fat track courses to complete the classes fast. Please get in touch with our student’s counsellor to get the details of our fast track SAP Fico Training schedule.

How Can I Learn SAP Fico Training Online?

Online IT Class is prominent SAP online training institute in Marathahalli Bangalore. If you want to learn SAP FICO Training & Certification Online IT Class is the best option for you. Online instructors come with practical knowledge and may be from any location across the globe. This allows students to be exposed to knowledge that can’t be learned in books and see how class concepts are applied in real business situations.

Using the internet to attend class will help to greatly enhance their information and communication teaches skills in using technologies. Students can interact with their peers in virtual break-out rooms, take notes and screenshots easily, and access previous recordings of lectures. The online environment makes instructors more approachable. Online course development allows for a broad spectrum of content.

Our SAP Fico Training allows you to focus on the modules of SAP Fico that will be most beneficial to you, so you get industry-specific knowledge and skills. The beauty of specialized SAP Fico Training is that the skills learned are easily and immediately applicable, allowing you to shine at work and helping any business to grow.

Online IT Class SAP FICO training in Bangalore is Providing Online Course Websites with certificates and latest online Internships and job updates. Online Training is designed as per current scenarios and will help you to understand the SAP FICO concepts in detail.

Who can join the Sap Fico Course in Marathahalli

First of all, you need to ask yourself two questions.

First Question: Do I even need to be Sap Fico certified? And do I need to be certified. Now, or can I do it later.

Answer: Before we get into the question itself. Let us take a quick look at what is SAP certification all about. So, SAP certification is basically an exam, conducted by SAP and passing this exam, simply gives you externally recognized mark of excellence in a specific SAP solution SAP offers different kinds of certifications covering application technology development and the last count they had over 160 certifications. And depending on your area of expertise, or your interest, you could choose one or the other.

So why do people typically want to get Sap Fico certified?

They hope to get a job in SAP consulting. They go for rapid career growth. They want recognition from their peers, and their employer.


Sometimes it’s a requirement from the employer side. A lot of consulting companies need a specific percentage of their consultants to be certified.

Or you may just want to prove your knowledge to the peers and to the wider world. And some people get certified because they see it as an opportunity to learn. Now, there is different degrees of truth in each of these statements. So, for example, certification will not get you a job in SAP consulting.


Not without reasonable experience, or if you are simply lucky. Rapid career growth. Well, it would certainly boost your career, but there are no guarantees that you’re going to get any rapid career growth because you are certified recognition. This simply depends from company to company varies depending on your employer, you may or may not get any recognition.


Employer requirement Yeah, this is a hard one. So, for example if you’re working for SAP. They would typically expect you to be certified in one or more solution areas. So, this one is a real reason to get certified.


You want to prove your knowledge. Yeah, certainly, but how many people actually care that you are certified because in the real world. The real knowledge is what is most important opportunity to learn. Certainly, this certainly gives you a good opportunity to revisit the basics of the solution that you’re working in.


So, from an individual’s perspective, these are some of the reasons that you might want to get certified. A lot of these are not really valid but some are, but let’s see what are the reasons in the real world.


What is the real world? Think about SAP Fico certification. So, these are some comments from recruiters from hiring managers from department heads and program managers, and there are different.


Comments based on where you come from. Some people say, it really makes no difference if you have a lot of experience some others say, well, for big consultancies it’s a marketing thing. They want to show that they have consultants who are certified. So, a whole variety of opinions floating around in the real world.


So, based on this, you may decide that you indeed, want to go for a Sap Fico certification, and you see the value in it. But then the next question is, why now to decide whether you want to get certified right away, or you want to wait for some time. Let’s look at a typical growth cycle, from a full-time student to an SAP Fico consultant.


Now there are various parts as you can see here, but let’s look at a typical cycle so you are a full-time student, you get an entry level job, any job not related to SAP. And then finally, after some experience based on your functional knowledge of the industry, you get an entry level SAP Fico job.


Now after you’re here, you get some experience, end to end lifecycle project experience in SAP Fico, and. Following that, you go for an SME training or certification. Typically, in this scenario, you’ve got about four to five years’ experience under your belt with one two years being in SMP so your employer itself might send you for the certification. And then after you can train, because certified, and you already have experience as SAP FICO consultant in the wild.



Second Question: How do I train for the Sap Fico Course certification? What is the syllabus? where do I get the sample questions for the area that I’ve chosen to get certified in? How do I prepare for the exam? And how do I actually maximize my chances, and clear the exam early?

Answer: So, we’ll start with the first question. Do you need to be certified? So, For Sap Fico eligibility should have the bachelor’s degree, and his college was part of the sap University Alliance, which gives them a lot of training in SAP, as part of the college curriculum. This helped this consultant get an MCI certification while he was studying. And based on this, he got an entry level job worked there for three years. He was further trained by the company. And then finally he became an independent SAP consultant. So, this way. There are various other bots that are possible. In fact, the last one says he’s not even SAP certified.

IS SAP Fico Training a good Career?

Yes, SAP Fico Training has a good career nowadays. It is one of the fastest popular courses from 1965 to 2020. SAP Fico training is one of the best options, which is available in the ERP software market. It has hugely diversified its business solutions. They have more than 1500+ products to offer for an enterprise customer. All the latest products are based on Cloud. It is a very bright future if you catch up on the latest trends. Definitely choose this course for your future demand.


We all have hopes of getting a good job in a reputed company. A SAP Fico certification can fulfil this dream, with ample job opportunities for skilled SAP Fico professionals. The certification provides one of the best above average package and also you can get a better pay package to compare to who is not certified. SAP Fico is the third-largest software company in the world.


We have seen how a good course in SAP Fico Training can land you in your dream job in shortest period of time. Online IT Class, the Best SAP Fico Training Institute in Marathahalli Bangalore is committed to providing the kind of SAP Fico Training to its students that can literally give them a career immediately after their course. We have done it again and again. And we have so many testimonials to prove our claim. We offer only the finest solution to your SAP Fico Training so that you may get the full value for your money that you invested for your SAP Fico Training in Marathahalli.

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