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Online IT Class is a rapidly growing Automation anywhere online training portal all over the world with huge extent of facilities. We are proud to offer Automation anywhere courses online training services on most demanding software technologies. We have a recruiting team, after completion of the course they will market your resume and help you in placement assistance according to the current IT job market requirement.

Automation online course | Bangalore
Automation training center | Bangalore
Automation Online class | Bangalore

Assured Seamless Connectivity During the Training Period. No Disturbance Training Experience Guaranteed

Latest Course Material Created and Maintained by Industry Veterans. Full Value for the Money You Spend

Trainers and Teaching Staff – All have more than 6+ years experience – Real-Time as well as Teaching

I would like to appreciate the placement cell at Online IT Class institute for the efforts they made for providing a fair and ample amount of chances to us students.
Sameeksha Pradhan

RPA Training Course content

Automation Anywhere Course

    • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere Architecture
    • Automation Anywhere Dashboard
→ Automation Anywhere Control Room
    • Deploy Project
    • Add Clients
    • Operations Room

→ Task Bots

    • Recording Task
    • Creating Task
→Overview on Task Editor
    • Features of Task Editor
    • Different sections in AA
→Commands Categories
→Keystrokes / Mouse
    • Insert Keystrokes
    • Insert Mouse Click
    • Insert Mouse Move
    • Insert Mouse Scroll
→Programs / Files / Windows
    • Open program/File
    • Files/Folders
    • Window Actions
    • Log To File
    • Manage Windows Controls
    • Object Cloning
    • System
→Conditions / Loops
    • If/Loop
→Pause / Delays / Wait
    • Web Recorder
    • Launch Website
    • Send Email
    • Internet Connection
    • SOAP Web Service
    • REST Web Service
→Tasks / Scripts
    • Run Task
    • Stop Task
    • Read from CSV/Text
    • Excel
    • Database
    • Prompt
→Tasks / Scripts
    • Run Task
    • Stop Task
  • Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel
  • Database
  • Prompt
  • Message Box o Miscellaneous
  • Comment
  • Paly Sound
  • Variable Operation
  • String Operation
    • Printers
    • Services
    • Error Handling
    • Image Recognition
    • Screen Capture
    • App Integration
    • OCR
    • Email Automation
    • Terminal Emulator
    • PDF Integration
  • PGP
→Automation Anywhere New Features
  • IQ Bot
  • Meta Bot
  • Web Control Room
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